String Wings

String Wings Presents

Stringwings is a unique instrumental fusion band with a new style of blending Indian classical and fusion music. The mashups and covers from the stringwings band have gained immense popularity among all age groups.

Bhava Natya Vilaasam

A unique, first of its kind presentation of dance with veena recital The main highlight of this programme is capturing the beauty of synchrony with sahitya on strings and nuances of the Dancer.

Naada Vinodam

Making use of rare quality of the Vainika in making the strings play in a vocal quality thus enabling Veena to take lead in sampradaya keertanas and being followed by accompanying instruments.

Traditional Mashups

Merging of Bhavas and Ragas of Great Vaaggeyakaras those who expressed the depth of their devotion towards their respective deities in different languages, lyrics and music which is an ultimate spread of the universal love.


Basis of the most Beautiful Movie Melodies is nothing but the brain child of wonderful classical compositions. Let us dwell the routes of some Interesting comparisons between them.

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