7th Gen


World Renowned 7th Generation Veena Player

A Composer Singer and Music producer. A complete musician, veena exponent in indian classical and film music. A unique feet on veena for the first of its kind Phani narayana initiated most difficult task playing veena in standing position and made it possible on live.


Phani Narayana is a blessed musician and a prodigy. He started to teach music at an young age of 16 years and he got formal credentials from Andhra University and became coveted All India Radio Grade Artiste at an early age of 22. He is favorite child of Goddess Saraswathi as indicated by his ability to show equal command in Vocal and on Mridangam and Guitar in addition to his favorite instrument Veena.


Phani Nayana created and evolved a distinctive style and identity, entirely of his own .The exquisite tonal quality and versatility have been his hallmarks of playing the veena. He is known to reproduce the songs and compositions in an almost vocal like tonal quality on his veena, and is also known to evoke deeply emotional responses from his audiences.

Phani Narayan shared dias with several Maesteros such as Dr Mangalampally Bala Murali Krishna and SP Bala Subrahmanyam. He provided Veena music for well over 250 movies in South Indian movie Industry and provided some great pieces of music working for great music directors such as Keeravani, Mani Sharma.


Phani Narayan keeps the most difficult balance of keeping his classical music traditions, his spiritual pursuits intact while simultaneously working for movie industry. While his success in film industry is obvious, his commitment to classical music and spiritutuality is demonstrated by number of projects he did for Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. The fact that he is the selected music composer for most of the Ballets to be performed at Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s Shatabdhi project speaks volumes about it. He got the divine opportunity to organize and orchestrate the unique musical feat of Nadosthavam with 2000 Veena Players at Art Of Living for pujya Guruji Ravishankar in 2016. He provided music for Bhajan Sagar and Bhajan Sandhya for Swami Paripoornananda.

He has directed music for over 100 devotional albums and played veena for thousands of private albums. One of his greatest contribution has been in composing music for dance ballets, producing some master pieces such as Akshara hamsalu, Sapta mathruka, Laxmi dasa vaibhavam, Acharya trayam and many more.

Phani Narayana released his own masterpiece “Vynikam” in 2017 consisting of popular Annamaya Kirthanas under his fusion band String Wings.

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