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Virtual Veena Contest

Welcome to all…. Dear Participants !    The Contest will be in TWO Catagories :    Junior Category age below 16 years   Senior Category age above 16 Years  : After registration the participant will be receiving 2 (two) audio tracks of LINGASTAKAM song. One track is for referance track to practice and another one is karaoke track to play along and send it to Stringwings through Note:  Participant don’t need to follow the same as referance track and participant can also present their own way of style within the limitation of the referance track.  Rules of the Contest : The recorded audio output played by the participant must be Live Video Recording Participant can use their own creative sangatis or styles follow the referance track for guideance accordingly.  Referance tracks will be sent to the participant on 25th Oct 2022 THE LAST DAY FOR SUBMITING THE TRACK IS 5th NOV 2022  Fiinal resulte will be announced ON 8th NOV 2022 ON account of Kartika Pournami   

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