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STRINGSWINGS proudly announcing an online A MUSICAL COLLABORATION named as “VARNA” and the motive of promoting this concept is to bring out different music talents / skills and showcase on one platform and culminate as a ultimate professional video through Stringwings music channel.

Rendering of a VARNA / VARNAM is the qualification in our traditional classical music for a musician.

Stringwings welcomes all enthusiastic musicians to contribute and showcase their individual talents with professional collaborations.

Here we go

  • Stringwings is providing the recorded audio track presented on veena supported by konnakol (100 tempo) for your reference.
  • Visit Stringwings website www.phaniveena.com to download the MP3 (AUDIO TRACK)
  • Add your musical contribution and send the Video & Audio footage to stringwings.music@gmail.com
  • Submissions will be accepted on or before 15th June 2020

After collecting audio & video tracks from your end Stringwings will compile and create a professional collaborated video and will release on all social media platforms through Stringwings official channel.

Looking forward to your participation….

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